Designer Radiators

Are Designer Radiators any Good?

If you have been thinking about purchasing a designer radiator recently, but aren’t sure how they differ from regular radiators, here is the perfect guide with all the information you need to know. With hundreds of options available out there, it can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to review all the factors, which can improve or reduce the efficiency of one designer radiator against another.

There is some stigma surrounding designer radiators, implying the quality doesn’t match up to traditional radiators. We can confirm this is definitely not the case. Often, people purchase cheap designer radiators, equal to the price of traditional radiators and quite simply, you get what you pay for. You can’t expect designer quality, at traditional prices. Having said that, designer radiators don’t need to break the bank! There are plenty of affordable options out there. Below are the things you should consider when purchasing a designer radiator, to make sure you are getting a quality radiator:





The material of the radiator is important in the overall quality. The most important factor is the thickness of the steel. It should be no thicker than 1.5mm to guarantee quality. Thinner radiators tend to be more efficient than thicker radiators.

Not all radiators are made from the same material, for instance, some are made from Iron and some from steel. This can have an impact on how efficient that radiator is. Very traditional iron radiators can maintain heat longer than a steel radiator, but they take longer to heat up. Almost all of the designer radiators available at the moment are made from steel for more efficiency in the home.



The type of paint used on your designer radiator can also play a big part in the final quality. Powder coated is the best type of finish for a radiator, because it lasts a good 20 years so you can be sure of its longevity, and it has a higher ability to radiate heat than unpainted metal. Other finishes include metallic coatings, textured and mottled paint but these are not as heat efficient.



Shape mostly depends on personal preference when it comes to designer radiators, and what shape/style would fit best in your room. Generally, the greater surface area, the more efficient the heat output. It is important to make sure the BTU of your radiator is sufficient for your room. You can use our BTU Calculator to work out what you need, and so you can find a radiator that will efficiently heat your home.




Designer radiators are available in a vast range of colours, as radiator manufacturers are becoming aware, that people need more choices when styling their home. However, the colour you choose for your radiator can have an impact on the heat efficiency. A white radiator, for example, reflects light and heat, meaning it will give off more heat, whereas a black or anthracite radiator absorbs some heat, therefore may require a higher BTU than a white radiator. This is why the exact same style, size and shape of radiator may have a slightly different BTU for each colour. If you ensure that you use a BTU calculator before purchasing, you can make sure your radiator emits the right amount heat needed for your home.


Budget (don't expect to get a quality designer radiator, at standard radiator prices)

Budget is the reason a lot of people may think designer radiators are not as good as traditional radiators. If you have a set budget and are deciding between a traditional or designer radiator, you are probably looking at a low-quality designer radiator, or an overpriced traditional radiator. Just like designer items, designer radiators are more expensive. However, they are also unique, showpieces in the home not like traditional rectangular radiators so they can be treated like a piece of wall art. You can spice up that empty space with something stylish and practical.


So, do I have to sacrifice price, for style?

The simple answer is no, you don’t. Although designer radiators are more expensive, there are plenty of affordable options out there. As mentioned above, designer radiators are a showpiece – not just a basic heater.


Summary - Are they good?

Designer radiators are a great and stylish addition to any home. They provide heat your home, whilst giving you a standout piece of furniture.

Paired with a high-quality design, and excellent energy preservation, our Designer radiator range at Chelsea Suppliers are phenomenal and highly recommended for your home, whether you need a horizontal or a vertical style. We offer a range of affordable designer radiators at Chelsea Supplies, so you can find the right one for your home.

If you would like any further information or help and advice surrounding the best inexpensive radiators to choose from, including vertical radiators, stainless steel models and all sorts of other types, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page or call us on 0330 995 1988.