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BTU Calculator

BTU Calculator

BTUs are British Thermal Units, the unit in which radiator efficiency is measured. BTU Calculator is a good guide as to what level of BTU and Watt output will efficiently heat your room. The calculated figure is for the combined heat output of all radiators and/or towel rails in your room (larger rooms may require more than one).

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What is a BTU?

A BTU is also known as British Thermal Unit. This is the measurement used to figure out how much energy is needed to heat (and cool) a room based on its size. Simply put; the higher the BTU, the higher the energy output will be. How effective that is though depends on the size of a room and what lies behind the walls, floor and roof.

How Is Your Room’s BTU Requirement Calculated?

A room’s BTU requirement is based upon the cubic volume of the space – the height, length and the width of the room multiplied by four (done for you by our calculator) – and what is above, below and besides the room.

With this information – and a bit of mathematical prowess – we can then determine the expected heat loss for your room and provide you with a BTU output to heat the space efficiently – by which we mean to a comfortable temperature and at the lowest possible fuel costs to you.

Why Is It Important To Calculate The Correct BTU Output?

Being sure to make the correct BTU calculation is very important. Selecting a radiator with an insufficient heat output will mean that your room never reaches its optimum temperature. Conversely, choosing a radiator with too high a heat output could mean that you spend more than you need to on your heating bills – but one of the great things about radiators is that you can always turn them down if you need to.