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The Ultimate Horizontal Radiators Buying Guide

Why choose horizontal radiators:

Horizontal radiators are made with simple and sleek designs. In today’s market, we have a huge range of radiators to choose from, with both vertical and horizontal styles available. One of the most popular features of a horizontal radiator is the flattened panels, which were designed to save space whilst maintaining a sleek design and efficient heating output. Horizontal radiators come in horizontal and vertical panel designs, mostly based on the amount of heat your room needs, which can be calculated with our BTU calculator. Horizontal radiators are a brilliant option for homes with large rooms because they are a powerful, highly efficient heat source and therefore, are irreplaceable for homes in the UK, helping keep us warm during frosty winters whilst still being very energy efficient during the summer months.

As much as modern trends dictate our purchases, the go to radiator is still the classic, horizontal radiator. The horizontal designer radiator is often seen as the best fit for any room in your house; from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and hallways, as they can be placed in a discreet part of the room, hidden by furniture, or made into a feature wall piece, making your interior creativity know no bounds.

Horizontal radiators are particularly good for properties that struggle with insulation, for example, those with old windows, which have been known to disperse cold air/drafts into the room, so installing a small horizontal radiator will aid the convection process. The heat, which is emitted from below the window, will act like a piggyback on the cold air entering the house, making it warmer. The better you position your radiator, the better the heat efficiency will be.


Horizontal radiators vs vertical radiators:

Vertical radiators are much more eye catching than horizontal radiators, coming in a lot more styles, giving you more creativity and freedom in which to design your home. They can be both a radiator and a design feature on your wall. As vertical radiators are positioned from the floor, up towards the ceiling, they emit heat towards the centre of the room. They are available in sleeker and more space saving designs when compared to horizontal radiators, which will make it easier to choose the lay out of your furniture.

The more traditional alternative is the horizontal radiator, which is often placed beneath a window, to neutralise the cold air which comes through the window. Horizontal radiators are great because they only take up a small amount of space on the wall, leaving more room for decor like mirrors or wall art. If you are looking for a new radiator and your home already has horizontal radiators, it is much easier choose and install another horizontal radiator, as the correct valves will already be in place.


Advantages of Vertical Radiators:

Vertical radiators in the form of towel rails are one of the most popular radiators used in homes, due to their sleek, stylish design, combined with their ability to hang and dry towels. With powerful heat output, vertical radiators are an excellent choice of radiator for your home. In addition, they are also great for fitting into small spaces as they are able to fit onto walls lacking in width, and still efficiently heat up your home. Vertical radiators are available in a range of styles and sizes, allowing them to not only be a practical addition to your space, but also a standout piece of furniture.


Disadvantages of Vertical Radiators:

Traditionally, radiators were always horizontal so in a lot of houses, there are fittings suited to horizontal radiators. Therefore, if you choose to change your radiator, it is likely you will need different types of valves and outlets to those you already have, which can take some time to swap over. Additionally, vertical radiators can be more difficult to place than horizontal radiators since they need more wall space. They also can’t be placed under windows, so are not ideal for homes prone to letting in cold air, or for homes with little wall space.


Advantages of Horizontal Radiators:

Horizontal radiators have been in our homes for generations now, which shows they are a favourite with UK homeowners. They are considered the safe and traditional option when it comes to choosing a radiator. They are ideal for fitting under a window, to minimise cool air from entering your property, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any home, no matter the design or size of your space.


Disadvantages of Horizontal Radiators:

Horizontal radiators are quite easy to obstruct with furniture, for example, sofas, tables, and cabinets can often get in the way and reduce the heat spreading around the room home. Vertical radiators don’t share this problem, as they take up less wall width so are sometimes easier to fit into a smaller room. In addition, similar to vertical radiators, it is hard work to change from another style of the radiator to horizontal radiators, as they have unique valves and fittings.


Steps to buying a horizontal radiator:

Whether you are looking for a vertical radiator or horizontal radiator, the main reason for buying will always be: can the radiator heat your home efficiently, and is it the best fit for your home? Below are three simple steps to help you pick the perfect horizontal radiator for your home:

  • Decide where you are going to place all the furniture in the room, from the furniture to doors and windows.
  • Use a BTU calculator to work out what size radiator you need. It uses your room dimensions, location in your house and room features to give the exact amount of heat your space requires
  • Measure the space on the wall for your radiator to see how much space you have to decide which radiator you need.
  • Finally, with all this information, find a radiator that will perfectly fit your space.


What should look for when buying a horizontal radiator?

The first thing to look for when purchasing a horizontal radiator is how much heat you will need (using a BTU calculator), which will enable you to choose the perfect radiator size for your space. We also advise you to check the current outputs you have in the wall before purchasing so you know if you will need.

Next, you need to choose the design you want in your home. At Chelsea Supplies, we have a vast range of different designs to suit your home, from our traditional cast iron radiators to our more modern and environmentally friendly radiators. All the radiators we supply come with an extensive range of outputs, colours, and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Once you know what radiator you need and the right valves, you are ready to order! We offer a simple hassle-free way to ensure you are able to purchase everything you need, to make sure you can get your new radiators up and running.