Heated Towel Rails

What Is the Use of Heated Towel Rails for Your Bathroom?

What Are Heated Towel Rails?

Heated towel radiators are essentially radiators designed specifically for towels to be hung, dried and stored. They also heat your bathroom to keep you warm and quickly evaporate water, so your bathroom does not get damp. Towel rails also allow you to save space in your bathroom, giving you somewhere to store towels and heat your space.


Are Heated Towel Rails a Good Idea?

Heated towel rails have a number of different positives, and can become a vital piece of furniture in your home. Modern, designer radiators can complement your bathroom, and also keep your home warm during cold, winter months. As previously mentioned, towel rail radiators have the combined ability of warming your bathroom to avoid damp, and providing a place to store your towels where they are easily accessible.


Benefits of Heated Towel Rails



Whilst the towel rails have the ability to give you a nice warm radiator, this is just one of the benefits they have. By making the bathroom and towels dry, the towel rail also keeps your bathroom hygienic, by not enabling germs and mould to reproduce in your home.


Warm towels and room

A lot of bathrooms suffer from a lack of sunlight, making them more susceptible to the cold. The heat emitted from the towel radiator has the capacity to not only warm your bathroom, but also dry and warm your wet towels. Let’s be honest, there are few better feelings in the world than coming out from a nice shower, and wrapping yourself in a warm, cosy towel that has been bung on your towel rail.



Your Bathroom is a great place for you to relax and unwind after a long hard day. You can enjoy a tranquil bath or shower, to keep your mind and body at peace in time for bed, in a heated bathroom with warmed towels.



Towel rail radiators come in a variety of different shapes and styles which can help keep your bathroom stylish, and in line with your current décor. From the more contemporary, modern styles, all the way to the sophisticated traditional styles. They also come in a range of sizes and colours, so you can choose the perfect radiator for your bathroom.


Towel Storage and Display

Towel Rails are a brilliant way to save space in your bathroom, by having a nice dry space to hang towels, which can take up a lot of room and become a quite tedious task to fold and store away, only to then pull out when you need. They also provide a space to display towels. If you buy towels of the same colour or matching the colour scheme of your bathroom, they can become a design feature as well as a functional piece.


Build Quality          

The build quality of towel rails has evolved over time to become a product with sturdy, stylish and long-lasting build quality. Often made with stainless steel, this enables your towel radiator to heat up quickly so you can feel the relief of a warm bathroom quickly, and retain the heat for longer.


Save on electricity costs

Some towel radiators are powered by Automatic Heating Technology (AHT), which is an innovative way for you to be heating up your towel rail using an energy saving system to heat your Towel Rail Radiator quickly and conveniently. The AHT is able to make use of the thermostat, which has the ability to react to even the slightest differences in temperature change, giving you full control of the towel radiator. This will tell your radiator when to heat up and when to cool down, ensuring your system uses the least amount of electricity so you can save money, energy and have a lower carbon footprint. This can all be done without you having to do a single thing once the system is fully set up.

However, with the space being saved by the Towel Rail Radiator, there is a downside. As towel rails are often smaller than standard radiators, this means it takes a while longer to heat your bathroom. It is important to work out the BTU you need for your bathroom, the same as you would for a regular radiator in any other room. This will make sure you get enough heat in your bathroom to heat the towels and the bathroom.


Where is it best to install my new Towel Rail Radiator?

The best place to put your new Towel Rail Radiator will depend on a few of the following factors:

  • The bathroom shape/size will make a difference on where your Towel Rail Radiator
  • The pipework you already have in place will have a major bearing on where the Towel Rail Radiator is placed, as it is easier to correct
  • The placement can also be affected by which type of Towel Rail Radiator it is, such as electric, plumbed, or dual fuel
  • The Towel Rail Radiators size will also have a big impact on its placement.

It is essential to make sure have a new spot for your towel radiator ready, to save you time and hassle. If you are in the process of completely changing your décor for your bathroom, you have more freedom of where you can put your towel radiator as you can plan your bathroom round it.

If you have the pipework in place or have a radiator/towel rail already installed, it will be much easier to install a new one in the same place. You will need to make sure that you have the exact measurements of the space you have available to put your towel radiator, and the size of the new one which you want to install, to make sure all the measurements match to avoid problems with installation.

You should also work hot how and where you can get your hands on a towel or robe hanging on the rail from your shower/bath, so they are easy to reach. When you are installing your Towel Rail Radiator, try to ensure it is put close to the shower or bath so towels are easy to access, and you can feel the warmth after you step out of the shower/bath.


Final Words

Towel radiators are essential in a bathroom for warmth, storage, style, and hygiene. At Chelsea supplies we have a variety of towel rails and towel radiators so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom.