The ultimate guide to choosing the right bathroom radiator

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Bathroom Radiator:

When choosing a bathroom radiator, several factors should be considered, including size, heat output, style, material, installation, energy efficiency, price, and current fixtures and fittings.

The radiator’s size should be appropriate for the bathroom’s dimensions to heat the space effectively. This can be calculated on a BTU calculator. The radiator’s style should also complement the bathroom’s decor, and the material chosen should be durable and corrosion-resistant to withstand the humid environment.

Matching Your Radiator with Your Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

Matching your radiator with your bathroom fixtures and fittings can help create a cohesive and visually appealing bathroom design. Here are some tips to consider when matching your radiator with your bathroom fixtures and fittings:

  • Style: The radiator should match the overall style of your bathroom. For example, if you have a traditional bathroom, a Victorian style radiator would complement the overall aesthetic.
  • Colour: available in a range of colours, so choose a colour that complements your bathroom fixtures and fittings. Consider colours that are already present in your bathroom, such as the colour of your taps, tiles or bathroom cabinets.
  • Material: The material of the radiator should complement the materials of the other fixtures and fittings in the bathroom. For instance, a chrome radiator would work well with chrome bathroom fixtures.
  • Size: The size of the radiator should be appropriate for the size of the bathroom. A small bathroom would benefit from a compact radiator that does not take up too much space, while a larger bathroom would require a bigger radiator to heat the space efficiently.
  • Functionality: The radiator should also be functional and provide sufficient heat output to warm up the bathroom. This consideration is particularly important if your bathroom is large or located in a cold climate.

Is Your Bathroom Big Enough for a Towel Radiator

The decision to install a towel radiator in your bathroom depends on the size and layout of the room. A towel radiator is a great addition to any bathroom as it provides a stylish and practical solution for drying towels and keeping the room warm. To determine if your bathroom is big enough for a towel radiator, consider the following factors:

  • Available wall space: A towel radiator requires wall space, so you need to ensure you have enough room to install it. Measure the wall space where you plan to install the radiator to ensure that it fits without overcrowding the room.
  • Bathroom layout: The layout of your bathroom is another important consideration. If you have a small bathroom or a layout that doesn’t provide enough wall space for a towel radiator, you may need to consider an alternative solution, such as a freestanding towel rail.
  • Other fixtures and fittings: Consider the placement of other fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, such as the sink, toilet, and shower or bath. These fixtures may limit your available wall space, making it difficult to install a towel radiator.
  • Size of the towel radiator: Towel radiators come in a range of sizes, so you need to choose one that is appropriate for the size of your bathroom. A small bathroom may require a compact towel radiator, while a larger bathroom may require a bigger one. Use a BTU calculator to determine which is best for your space.

The Nirvana and Oxford Models

Nirvana and Oxford Models are types of towel radiators that are designed to heat towels and the surrounding bathroom. The Nirvana Model is a ladder-style towel radiator that has a flat surface area, while the Oxford Model is a more traditional style that has curved rails. Both models are made of high-quality materials and come in a range of sizes to fit different bathrooms. The choice between the two would largely depend on personal preference and the style of the bathroom. Both radiators have an exceptional heat output in comparison to similar towel radiators.

Benefits of the Nirvana and Oxford Towel Radiators

The Nirvana and Oxford towel radiators have lots of benefits. Below are some of the positives the Nirvana and Oxford towel rail have to offer:

  • Both towel radiators have the ability to improve your comfort when using the bathroom. They can do this by making your bathroom nice and warm, which in turn will make you more comfortable within your bathroom and reduce the risk of you catching colds between showers.
  • The Nirvana and Oxford towel radiators can quickly and effectively dry towels, so they are dry and warm when you next require them.
  • The Nirvana and Oxford radiators are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so matter what style you have decorated your room too, there will always be a style which will work for you.
  • Both radiators are very energy efficient, so you can rest assured that your energy bill will not increase by much, which is especially important since energy prices have sored
  • Another brilliant aspect of both radiators is how they can improve your hygiene, as they are lowering the risk of mildew and mould growing and spreading within your bathroom, which in turn is increasing its hygiene.

Overall, the Nirvana and Oxford Models towel radiators offer a practical and stylish solution for keeping your bathroom warm, comfortable, and hygienic.

By simply following our tips, you can help maintain a nice warm and comfortable environment within your bathroom.

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