Which type of radiator gives out the best heat – A Beginners Guide

What Type of Radiators Are Best?

When you move into a new home, your heating system will either be a plumbing system or electric radiators. When you are deciding which new radiators you would like to place in your home, it is best to continue with the system you already have in place. However, you may wish to change systems, for example, if you are choosing to get your loft converted and you wish to have an electric heater, as the plumbing system is not connected there, then this may be a better option. This is also a good alternative if you are doing a new extension or conservatory

What is the difference between plumbing systems and electric radiators?

Hot water systems rely on a boiler to heat the hot water up, and then send it around the piping system to heat your home using plumbed radiators

Electric radiators are not controlled by the central heating but are simply controllable in every individual room within your house. The new modern electric radiators are sleek, quick to install and simply run of your electrical supply in your home. A number of models can be started by simply plugging them into your sockets, but some will need a qualified electrician to install

There is also the possibility of dual fuel which uses a thermostatic heating device placed in your radiator, and enables you to heat up your plumbed devices electrically. This can enable you to operate each heater in your home separately, saving you money as you will no longer be required to use all of your heaters at the same time. This can give you more flexibility and control over the temperature of your home, than the industry standard radiators.

What Type Of Radiator Is Most Efficient?

The big selection of radiators available to purchase in today’s market can be incredibly confusing. Every 6 months new designs, styles and radiator creations enter the market, and add to the already endless list of radiators available. Those with a cynical view on things may see this as a negative, however it means that you will have more options available to choose so you can find the perfect radiator for your home.

Which radiator is best for which room?

When deciding which radiator would be best suited for your home, you should choose which room you would like to install it into. Not every radiator is able to go into every room. By deciding which room you are going to install it into will enable you to pick the best option for your space.

Living Room

Deciding which radiator is best for your living room, is not the simplest task. This is due the living room being one of the most used rooms in the home. It is usually the most stylish, which makes finding the perfect radiator to fit into it that much harder as you need the correct style as well as heat output. As living rooms are often the biggest room in your home, it is likely you will need a radiator with a higher BTU rating. On average, a rating with 5000 or larger will allow you to heat up most large living rooms nicely. However, it is important to find the precise BTU needed for your space. A popular option for the living room at the moment is the grey vertical radiator.


There are a number of different ways to heat up your bedroom. If your aim is to simply heat up your room but keep your costs down, then the convector radiator is the best option for you. The convector radiator comes in a variety of different types; type 11, type 21 and type 22. However, this type of radiator is not the most stylish, so if you wanted your bedroom to look sleek and modern, then you are probably best purchasing the a more modern style, for example, the grey vertical radiator as it can accommodate for a range of BTU requirements and comes with a very stylish sleek design to give you the best of both worlds. Another option would be the mirrored radiator, which can give you a multifunctional radiator doubling up as a radiator and a mirror.


If you wish to have a practical, modern design and heat output all in one, then our recommendation is the heated towel rail. They can not only save you space, but can also heat up your bathroom, towels and clothes which are placed onto it, quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen Radiators

Like the bathroom, the kitchen can also be one of the colder spaces in a house, often with multiple outdoor walls. When you are cooking, the kitchen may start to warm up, but otherwise it can be on the colder side compared to other rooms in the home.  To make sure your kitchen is warm, we recommend adding a designer radiator, which is not only nice and stylish, but also has a very good heat output. At Chelsea Supplies, our radiators can not only match the biggest and best for heat output, but they also have the design and visual beauty that would rival most a lot of products on the market.

To conclude, different parts of the home require different levels of heating, for example, your hallway will require less heating than your living space, as you spend less of your time, and your guests and/or family will spend less time here, plus it is often a much smaller space than the living room.

Therefore, we would suggest you choose whichever design you think is best for your home as every home is different. A good addition would be the dual fuel thermostatic timer, which will ensure regardless of which radiators you put into place, that they will be energy efficient as you have full control and freedom over the temperature and rooms you wish to heat, and how long for. Take a look at our most popular radiators, including our grey vertical radiators, mirrored radiators and designer radiators available in a huge selection of colours, sizes and styles to suit your needs and home.

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